Monday, 17 July 2006

small clean cold .. and a whale

This morning at St Clair, with a Southern Right Whale 300metres out back surfacing and blowing while a bodyboarder and a longboarder shared some nice clean peeling waves. Damn cold, but sunny and no wind.

And a bit later on in the avo around 4pm on my way to lerckies to get some bacon ( Caitlin's going to make bacon and egg pir for tea.. yum ) a coupla shots of the tiny swell being absorbed by about a dozen out on the inside.


Anonymous said...

Whoa?! You kidding? How often does that happen?

Nic on 17 July, 2006 20:39 said...

first time for me to see.. not sure how often, but assume it must happen occasionally

Anonymous said...

I heard about one last year being spotted off aramoana

Nic on 19 July, 2006 15:06 said...

yeah, and didnt that kid find a $10,000 chunk of ambergis( whale puke)at long beach??


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