Tuesday, 4 July 2006

no pictures.. just words???

I believe this is going to be the first post I have made that is not supported by pictures of surfing. I do not intend to bore you if you have come here for a visual perve though. But I do have some thoughts.
Firstly I have always relied on my images to portray some kind representaion of my passion for surfing and the surf lifestyle. My writings have been sparse about my feelings and knowledge, which I admit is limited. I guess I have been hoping that my images will represent how passionate I am. I am a local here in Dunedin, having been born here and my family lineage going back many generations. But I am a relative 'newbie' to the surfing core community here in Dunedin. I have met so far some totally honest and dedicated down-to-earth people, and I am always honoured when they approach me and talk to me about where they are at, and what they are doing. In particular I totally admire the few female surfers who get out there day after day and surf hours upon hours in the freezing temperates.. go Nikki, Tash and Hayley you totally rock.
I really cant explain the draw I have to document the daily surf happenings around dunedin, but to say it is the deepest desire to capture the essence of the core vibe on my doorstep.

Like most things unexplainable I really have nothing else to say, but to express my admiration for all whom frequent these awesome surf spots we have here, and say from my heart how grateful i am to be in the position to do what I do from passion...

thanks for the stoke.


Anonymous said...

What about Muz?

Nic on 05 July, 2006 22:57 said...

isn't muz a myth?

Anonymous said...

Hell no! Who sed that? I like my name Jamie Civil but Muz jus sounds so much better! Dnt u rekon? Like Mick Fanning or Maz Quin? U know it all bout the short "M" names! And plus I hav a song to it goes like this "Muzza Muzza man.... I wanna be a Muzza Man!"


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