Wednesday, 12 July 2006

what happened this avo

More sea wall foam-fireworks below. Chronic today.. and firing all the way along the wall past the disabled ramp .. on occasion there was a massive BANG like a steel pipe hitting a hollow pole hmm sounds like some structural issues.

Also below from this morning at 9am ish, the tide was real low and revealed the extent to which the sand has been washed out from the consistent high tides and wall bashing.

Below a few from late this avo..

ps: 20 years ago today I got married.


Anonymous said...

I was first out this day, haven't surfed st clair for a couple of weeks, and was blown away by amount of sand that has gone! That ramp (or the missing stairs) don't seem to be coming back in a hurry... Fun banks out front though

Nic on 13 July, 2006 23:37 said...

hey, I just did a new post showing the stepos 11 days ago with sand right up high.. and a few weeks ago italked to the contractors.. and they ( the council) have no plans at this stage to 'fix' the broken set of stairs,,,, persoanlly I think they are mad attempting to fix the ramp.


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