Saturday, 22 July 2006

100 years of change

Three shots over 100 years of the changes to the Ocean Beach Bay
(St Clair - St Kilda)

Below, various old postcard images of area..
and the old sea wall from the Surf Lifesaving ramp.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nic
I had to do an enviro paper way back in 1999 and I did it on Ocen beach domain which is now commonly known as St Clair/St Kilda. I found some great photos at the Hocken. Will see if I can dredge it out of the cobwebs and let you have a read.

Nic on 22 July, 2006 22:40 said...

hey that would be great! I love that kind of stuff :0) Have done a bit of my own research but the Hocken has such a concise archive, always wanted to spend a week or so there and just indulge. can you email me when you find it? love to see, thanks


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