Monday, 24 July 2006

this week. missed week

damn.. so heres a few that were sitting on my camera over the week.. different days, before and after etc etc


Adam Jennings on 24 July, 2006 23:57 said...

Well it is a beautiful crisp night tonight and looking up at the sky I felt inspired to write this...

I look up at the starts tonight
Astounded by how crisp and bright
The real depth is what I see
A reflection of what you mean to me
A void no longer but full of awe
Within myself I feel so sure
And just when thoughts of you so far
I see spark, a shooting star
A warmth I feel grows deep inside
A constant always by my side
No time or distance separate
Just guided gently by hand of fate

Anonymous said...

Wow... if only all guys could be that poetic/romantic... I had almost given up all hope! Where do your kind hide?

Adam Jennings on 26 July, 2006 20:44 said...

South Auckland :-) But everyone has that inside them just most are too afraid to be themselves I guess. I just am not afraid to express myself openly and doing that it actually quite liberating and rewarding. Thanks for the response though, dont give up hope, we are out there :-)

Adam Jennings on 26 July, 2006 20:50 said...

If you liked that, heres one I wrote about my girlfriend last year when we first met.

A First Embrace

I yield to her for I am weak
But she gives me strength that I seek
A gentle smile a fleeting glance
Again we play this merry dance
To homogenise all our goals
Twist together our very souls
This elegant communication
A symbiotic deliberation

A symphony of contradiction
Will lead me to dereliction
A hedonistic satisfaction
A cataclysmic chain reaction
A leap of faith yet so secure
In that we both are so sure
Pushing me further away
No please just stay inside she prays

No judgement here or any guilt
A foundation solid has been built
Now minds that think as if one
But still the journey‘s just begun
Not time or space could break apart
When you’re true to your heart
Regardless of how much I plead
I know I want to concede

Anonymous said...

Cheers - that's choice too! It sounds like you write often.. do you publish any of your work?

Adam Jennings on 27 July, 2006 23:14 said...

Thanks, I tend to write when inspired which is sporadic, when the moment takes me, normaly the whole thing flows in one hit. I have never published any so far.


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