Saturday, 25 February 2006

In my defence I have to say theres a bit of value in 'playing on the computer' (although my daughters are getting pretty peeved with having to do alot of my housework recently) I spent 5 hours yesterday working on one photo montage using some of the the skills I gained doing the 2 week photoshop course at Otago Polytech last month. It was created using a variety of photographs I had taken of some obvious, and some obscure images around the point area of St Clair.

A favourite spot of mine to hang and take pics is just behind the fence on the top of the cliff behind the Hot salt water pool.


Asnorad on 25 February, 2006 22:01 said...

yes i like the way you have her face in the center point of that picture, good balance with everything is placed


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