Saturday, 8 August 2009

Majestic Mansions for sale

ODT on Fri, 7 Aug 2009 By Simon Hartley Link to full ODT Article
The landmark 89-year-old Majestic Mansions apartment block is for sale in the first phase of a proposed accommodation and commercial development costing up to $9 million on the Esplanade in St Clair.

Dunedin developer Stephen Chittock, who owns Majestic Mansions, said:

the sale would help fund the building of up to 20 apartments and four retail units on a 1000sq m section now occupied by the Esplanade Motel and a house.

"The existing space is well under-utilised. The key is to retain the area as a people place... with retail such as a bakery, gallery or a jewellery shop offering an additional interest to visiting the beach," Mr Chittock said.

In October 2006, the Esplanade block was rezoned from residential 1 to local activity 2, which allows for small-scale businesses, retail shops, apartments and restaurants, the maximum building height being retained at 11m.Any proposed development compliant with the zoning does not need to be publicly notified.The motels would continue to operate through the summer and then be closed, Mr Chittock said.

Demolition of the motel block and adjacent house could begin by mid-2010.

Above plan updated 9th August, thanks to comment #1


Anonymous said...

Mr Chittock currently owns properties on the Esplanade through three companies: Sunbay Enterprises Ltd, St Clair Project No. 2 Ltd, and White Island Properties Ltd.
St Clair Project No. 2 Ltd owns 14 Beach St, which would be resort expansion. Calder Stewart has an interest in this company.
22 Beach St and 35-37 Bedford St are privately owned.
Chittock's White Island Properties Ltd owns 33 Bedford St.
Sunbay Enterprises Ltd owns the site of the proposed apartments and also 6-8 Esplanade and 7-11 Bedford. It would seem likely that group of four buildings would also be up for development at some stage.

Anonymous said...

hats off to him. lets just hope with the future development of this area Mr Chittock engages a team of respected consultants so we can have an outstanding result. I hate to say it but with the increasing pressure for car parks within the area, and the fact that commercial activities are not required to provide any given the Local Activity Zoning, the DCC are probably investigating a pay and display or similar for the area.


Wow Gold on 19 August, 2009 23:36 said...

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Anonymous said...

ODT reporting tomorrow (2 March) that Majestic Mansions have been sold.


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