Saturday, 29 August 2009

Weed Reef

Looks like in Dunnos we have gale force Noreasters tomorrow which could well put aside any chance of Big Rock's Spring Bling going ahead.
Today it was pretty mushy all down the coast, but for a few spots offshore and clean. One, right on a seaweed coated reef was firing on the sets, but it was a tight takeoff .

Above: Nathan going left on a 100% right, next wave he got barreled and thrown onto the reef and tangled in the weed. Right & below: Jay keeping it clean.

Added 31st August for Matt: Nath in the Weed. And below that, a pic caity took of me (bottom right corner)taking the top photo.


Anonymous said...

Did you get a photo of Nathans barrel?

nic on 30 August, 2009 07:23 said...

only the tail end of it, you can only just see his board twisted inside.
will add it soon

Anonymous said...

Cheers nic!


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