Sunday, 30 August 2009

Stormy Spring Bling

Murphys law, organise a surf fun day, and the weather packs up. The dedicated Big Rock crew arrived at the top domain Brighton at noon to a mush-burgered out Brighton break with strong chilling winds. As I type this i just can't understand how the weather report tonight came up with Dunedin being 14 degrees?
Consensus was to move the event around the corner to back beach.
Only five went out for a surf, and due to the un-fun nature of the weather and surf it was decided to revisit the Sping Bling event in a months time when the weather had settled a bit. We did however hold a mini comp and gave out the second place cards, and will save the trophies for the next event when more people could come and take part.

Above: Rob catches a bomb. Top left: surf conditions on the day. Top right: Lambie tucking in.
Below: Jimi, Jay and Glenn. Bottom: Timmy luingley entertaining with me filming

As all Big Rock events do, things got a bit twisted and the Pre-Surf Rap was held at the end with some entertaining and worrying performances. This morphed into a skate session and a human speed camera test which got some local residents out of their houses and hovering at their gates to watch the show. (short film to come)

King ICE - Jay Tzu
Queen ICE - Nic Reeves
Grom ICE - Jimi Crooks, runner up Rob Millburn
Bling Board - Glenn Drinkwater
Bling Gears - Nathan Lungley
Best Bling Rap - Jayin Tzu


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic

Whos the guy in the yellow? I saw a guy boarding at Ohau a few weeks back and am sure its the same guy. There cannot be many of those suits about!!


nic on 04 September, 2009 15:04 said...

Its local boy Nathan, I think its a sky diving suit?

jono said...

yeah ds it's the same guy

Pamela said...

You'll all have to come and live in Queensland!!!

Anonymous said...

Har classic. Its like - "Yeah if i lose ya on the hill, I'll meet ya at that guy at 1 o clock"


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