Friday, 21 August 2009

Painting over old Artworks

Above artwork "Aramoana Pit" just sold last week, but its life began back in April as an abstract work that was tossed on the 'not working' heap for a few months. I picked it up again and attempted to make it a scottish tartan themed wave based on a pic I took at Aramoana. It then sat shamefully for a few months again in the corner until I picked it up again and erased the tartan theme and came up with the final version.
Next two reworked paintings began life back 18 months ago (left)when two canvasses the same size were approached with the concept of sepia coloured waves. Again thrust into the 'lost inspiration/can't be bothered finishing" pile, I dug them out and figured I'd try a abstract bubble theme in the wide panorame one, which I thought looked a bit dicky, so remodelled the foam into something more acceptable (below). the taller portrait wave was just a rework with natural looking foam but stylised wave face, which I think works well. Its now hanging in the living room, and looks great on the wall.


Nigel said...

Great to see an Artist unafraid to change styles and experiment as IMO that is the true sign of an artist!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hope it sold well, really like the colours and style.


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