Sunday, 9 August 2009

No Dogs on Brighton beach please!

The sea is warming up again, and new life is adorning the shores of our coast.
Two fur seal pups have been hanging out in a crack in barneys islands on Brighton beach for the last week, along with a pair of little Blue Penguins.

Unfortunately a succession of ignorant Dog owners letting their animals loose on Brighton beach have scared them off the last few days. ignoring the sign banning dogs from the beach.
Brighton beach is a no dog zone, under DCC dog Bylaw.

See this link for an article from the Yellow eyed Penguin Trust website on Dog Attacks on Penguins
  • If dogs are causing a disturbance and you are worried about vulnerable wildlife call DCC Animal Control (03 477 4000) and DOC. If you find a sick or injured penguin, please call the DOC hotline (0800 DOC HOT) or office (03 477 0677) immediately.
  • Put the DOC hotline and DCC numbers into your cell phone so when you are out walking you can make the call on the spot.
  • Dogs are prohibited from some beaches and reserves across Otago. The status of reserves and beaches is stated on their signs. Read the signs before you access a beach or track. Breaching a DCC Bylaw attracts a $300 fine. Owners of dogs who kill protected wildlife face criminal charges, fines of up to $20K and/or imprisonment for up to 3 years.
  • Good information is required to start legal proceedings against a dog owner if an attack has occurred. You can help by noting as many details as you can, including: the date, time and exact location of the incident, and a full description of the offending dog.
  • If you find a dead penguin bring the body in to the DOC office, or let DOC know immediately with clear instructions on how to find it. All dead penguins found are sent for post mortem assessments at Massey University to determine the cause of death.

I didn't get that close, thank god for telephoto lenses. pup below.
More information on Fur Seals The female does all the nurturing of the newborn. She stays with the pup constantly for about 12 days, then alternates between feeding at sea and suckling. As the pup grows, the mother needs more food to make enough milk. Pups are weaned in July or August, and the pregnant females go to sea to fatten once again. The young pups then head out to sea, coming ashore at times. Females start breeding at around four years.


Anonymous said...

These shots are awesome Nic! The one with the seal pups and blues would be a rare shot! lol everyone at work (Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony) think they're pretty classic too!
Yeh this sort of sight would not last very long with free roaming dogs around, owners need to be less ignorant and show some respect.
New site looks wicked and ya arts amazing! ha keep it up!
James - Kakanuisurf

nic on 13 August, 2009 21:15 said...

Thanks James :0)
Getting interviewed by local paper tomorrow for an article about Dogs on beaches, hopefully get the word out there to protect the little sea life we have on the beaches.

Wow Gold on 19 August, 2009 23:35 said...

Nice image. I liked it.


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