Sunday, 30 August 2009

SNZ environmental clause 2.2 has been dropped

Voting went 5/1 - 5 for the dropping of the clause to just one against.

Had those five lone club reps who voted in the new rules considered perhaps giving the other 23 affilliated clubs a chance to canvas their members? It could then have been tabled again at the AGM on the 21st November

I believe it is extremely disrespectful to the memory and work of Jonathon McCarthy.

The reason that Bruce Scott gave for the dropping of clause 2.2 was on legal advice, for example the RMA could expose SNZ to cost claims if environmental legal action was taken by members.

Surfing NZ AGM will be held on the 21st November 2009

Surfing New Zealand Environmental Policy

Protection of the environment is the responsibility of everyone. SNZ, as a national body recognizes it’s responsibility and is committed to understanding and minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. Therefore SNZ will look to ensure that the organisation:

    Efficiently manages waste and recycles wherever possible

    Minimses energy consumption

    Ensures that SNZ events are managed on a sustainable basis and that site impact is minimized

    Continuously looks to improve it’s environmental performance

Environmental issues outside of SNZ’s own ability to manage can be difficult to analyse and often require the application of considerable resource and expertise. SNZ recognizes that it has limited resource and therefore will only respond to environmental issues where:

    The issue has been raised by an affiliated club

    Any response has been approved by the Board

The Board is satisfied that any response will not impose immediate or potential material financial obligations upon SNZ



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