Monday, 13 August 2007

... more erosion

Above:Erosion all down the coastline, this one about Kuri Bush way, I am sure this will effect the sand mining consent given earlier this year for Kuri Bush, as I believe under the consent the beaches need to be monitored for any adverse effects, so with most of the sand being stripped it would limit their operations? Check my report on it here: 'Sand Mining Given Go Ahead'
Also the Erosion at Tomahawk beach in the corner where a current Sand Mining consent is running would be extremely effected as most of that was washed out a week back.

Above: A cool Farm building. Below, A shot I found last night that I took August last year at a spot up North.


Anonymous said...

God created nature - then Mother nature - then Nic!!

Anonymous said...

OK I'll try again!

God created Mother Nature to CREATE Nature - then Nic to CAPTURE nature !!

Nic on 17 August, 2007 21:43 said...

that second comment is heaps easier to answer !! thanks :0) its all there anyway (nature) and its a thrill capturing it.


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