Wednesday, 8 August 2007

from the top

After reporting on 4th August's massive hunk out of Middle beach over the last week, I made it down to the sports fields to take some images from the top. The erosion is now well into the downward side of the dune and would be only metres away from the edge of the sports ground.

Above right: the dumped sand from the harbour over the edge of Moana Rua Road continues to slump and fall to the beach below to be washed away.

Above: Looking towards St Clair with Moana Rua Road a few Metres at my back.
Below:The mixture of sand and rock reinstated at the base of the sausage buffer see here has been reduced to a pile of rocks.

Above left: again the rocks remains, right: forgot to put up from the 4th, a view from the Hot Saltwater Pool.


Anonymous said...

Methinks Mother Nature maybe saying "I don't think so!"

Nic on 10 August, 2007 21:00 said...

I believe you are right

Anonymous said...

Dear Dunedin City Council.

I own property on the coast which was built under a DCC Building Permit.

I am concerned that my property may be at risk form sea level rise, storm events and innundation from the sea, infact, I consider I may face an emergency situation in this regard.

I am advising you that I will be dumping sand, rocks and constructing rock mattresses on the beach in front of my property to protect my (hard earned) asset and protect the safety of persons who may occupy my property without a Building Permit or Resource Consent.

I assume I will not be prosecuted by Council for taking this action as I note that Council has taken the same action to protect a lessor risk (a sports ground)at Middle Beach and therefore appears to have set legal precedent.

Yours sincerely,

Rate Payer

Nic on 10 August, 2007 23:50 said...

perhaps a PS to that letter:

I am now unable to obtain insurance for my dwelling, due to it being declared to be contained within a newly formed Hazard Risk Zone.

Anonymous said...

Consultants Report to Council:

"We would strongly recommend another sea wall be constructed with urgency at Middle Beach to protect the Moana Rua Road area and the sand that has been provided by Council as an emergency measure.

This would provide assurance to all the other Councils in NZ who are in the combined Council insurance scheme that their premiums are not at risk.

We would be happy to design and project manage the construction of the wall for our usually fee and of course would ensure the wall gained Resource Consent.

We also applaud Council for creating a hazard zone around properties in this area (as we recommended to Council) and advise that we are available to offer consulting services to property owners who will be required to gain expert opinion should they wish to alter or build on their properties and or need to obtain a risk report for valuation reasons"


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