Tuesday, 14 August 2007

lost cellphone (now found)

UPDATE: Cellphone returned to me!!! I had sent a message to it Sunday morning saying "I have lost this phone, if you find it please return to (my house address), thankyou :0)" and it was delivered here this evening.. phew!
I lost my cell phone on Saturday afternoon, so had no way of getting in touch with any of the wahines to see where we were surfing on Sunday.. I know I left it on the table at Classic cafe outside, but I did pick it up from there.. last I saw it I was Skating at the top carpark at St Clair, might have dropped out of my pocket. Silver Nokia 2355 Flip phone with a yellow sticker smiley face on one side.. and a rainbow with a star on the other. I just finished paying it off! If you have seen it, or know anything, there is a reward.
So, Sunday morning I ended up going on a solo drive down to Taieri Mouth. Photos below: a wave I didn't surf.



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