Friday, 10 August 2007

In Perspective, east to west of Middles

Above, a view from the end of the Hot Saltwater Pool, this time with key areas labeled to give a more detailed overview of what is where, also providing some scale and perspective.

Above: Comparisons 27th march 2007 & 4th August 2007.
Below: Today, countless more truckloads of sand have been deposited over the dune at the end of the access way from The Marae at 2/3rds.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... wonder if anybody in DCC or ORC has a commercial interest in dredging, sand supply, or civil contracting or coastal engineering????

Anonymous said...

Consultants Report to Council:

" As instructed by Council for political reasons we did lots of visible works to appear as if we were trying to control erosion on the beach - we can now confidently say that the public will believe that saving the beach by these means is impossible so we can move onto the next part of the plan which is to propose a stadium and shopping complex be constructed on the sports field site incorporating a sea wall - we enisage this area could designed similar to the Sydney Opera House and surrounding area."

Nic on 11 August, 2007 15:11 said...

We can also wonder if there are connections with transport companies?

But I will say that the logistics of co-ordinating the thousands of truck movements in the first week was beautifully executed at the beginning of the 'emergency'.. dozens of drivers worked long hard hours, which was great for them, as this time of year is generally their off season.


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