Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Packing and moving

Been missing putting up some posts the last week as I have been packing up the house for shifting soon.. so here is a bit of a catchup. nelow and above 26th July 07
28th July 07 two below:
A different angle of St Clair beach looking over to Seconds.. and my man J on my board.. well his board but I always use it :0)


Anonymous said...

where are you moving nic?

Nic on 01 August, 2007 20:05 said...

to Waldronville .. golf course over the road.. flat walk to the beach .. and quiet street .. not looking forward to the christmas street light parade though.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new abode Nic!

How did St Clair look after the storms - how many $millions worth of sand will it need before the nxt decent storm do you think?

Nic on 02 August, 2007 09:23 said...

well.. St Clair got a real bashing.. there was a pic in the ODT of the classic sea spray over the esplanade.. complete with flying debris.. I scanned the article, and will put up tonight when I get home from work.. also took some photos the other day which still are not on my blog yet of the eating out of the sand buffer laid in by the trucks a few weeks back.. there is also another South East Storm on its way in a day or so.. so its going to be very interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

nice blog!


t2 said...

you should check out the drop off
at blackhead where the sand has
been sucked out to sea
down past that big log, about a 1.6 metre drop, maybe 800m or more long
one storm
so much sand
well impressive

Nic on 05 August, 2007 16:08 said...

haven't been over that way yet T2, but will get there soon.. thanks


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