Friday, 31 August 2007

destruction and creation

The bricks are coming off .. the hotel is going up .. and the character of the esplanade is guaranteed to change drastically .. the implications of such a massive [in scale of the area] development will reveal over the coming years. The building permit is obviously secured. see previous blog post on this issue
Change again around the corner in the public playground adjacent to the Southcoast Boardriders clubrooms. I used to play there when I was a child, and I took my children to play there too, always the same old classic playground equipment and probably the last remaining of its genre in Dunedin. Below a series of photos of the reconstruction over the last 6 weeks. (inset, some kind of surfing mechanical bull thing)

I guess if the children can't play on the beach due to an absence of sand, they now have a high tech playground.


Anonymous said...

Were the public consulted with respect to what is occurring here? Isn't it about time the DCC had a comprehensive management plan for this area rather than the seemingly ad hoc development of these pocket parks?

Also, to install a mechanical bull, gee, good thing we have ACC in NZ, otherwise the potential for litigation against the DCC would be enormous!


Nic on 01 September, 2007 09:05 said...

I believe a notice was sent around the local schools and private houses to ask what sort of equipment was desired at the park.


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