Saturday, 4 August 2007

Another Massive Bite out of Middles

This morning revealed another 3-4 metres of dunes washed away into the sea with a rather bizarre water course ditch forming parallel to the dunes at the base.
Another forceful South East swell due to hit tomorrow, I just can't even find words to describe the anguish I am feeling .. just watching it all happen. In all my research of the history of this area, there has never been such severe erosion as what is occuring now. Its all too little too late. Yes it's the uncontrollable force of nature. Well intended decisions have been made in the past with regards to planning, engineering and beach protection initiatives. We can see now that none of these measures have proven to be sustainable. But now there is absolutely no excuse not to implement a long term viable solution to this most urgent issue. Bugger the cost! Stuff the Otago Regional Council (front page todays ODT) earmarking 12 million for new offices on the waterfront because they're a little cramped.. and 10 million dollars for a feasability study for a rugby stadium?? Priorities??
Below: comparison left is today, right is 4th May 2006

half a million or so spent earlier in July trucking in sand to cover the slashed sausages for emergency protection work, now a month later nearly 2 thirds of the sand has been washed away, again exposing parts of the sausages..

2 Above: today digger creating yet another rock and sand buffer at the base of the washed away sand placed over the sausages last month.
2 Below: looking towards Middles today showing the loss of the sand buffer over the sausies, pink circle showing one exposed.
Below left: 31st July taken from the top of Moana Rua Rd looking down showing the rubble 'buffer line' created at the toe of the eroded dune.. right: 5 days later with increased erosion and exposure of rubble at the base

Above right: More exposed rubble, which I thought they were removing?
Above left: the new trench which has formed at the base of the dunes at middles/kettle park side (low tide).
Below left: Today at low tide, waves peel off a second bank parallel to Middle beach creating a long peeling left, and that wasn't even a set coming through. Right: a closer look today.


Anonymous said...

This sort of erosion can be cost effectively managed with a self sustainable solution from Holmberg Technologies Inc.


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Anonymous said...

I've emailed the Dunedin council
offering my help and support as a local design engineer and surfer, no reply !!!

Anonymous said...

Global Warming? Where I'm from on the East Coast of the US, New Jersey to be exact... The Army Corp of Engineers totally replenished a good portion of the coast with dredged sand from just offshore. So far So good I hear. Some of the Local breaks took a while to come back though, like years actually. It will no doubt happen again and this was just a band-aid to hide the real issue facing all coastal communities.


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