Tuesday, 7 August 2007

between the showers

Out of the wind, between the showers somewhere late afternoon.


jonathan said...

Beautiful... sigh.

Nic, you're killing me. We're going through, without a doubt in my mind, the WORST year of surf in San Francisco EVER. Almost 3 months of waist high, onshore junk... with grey skies to boot. Maybe a few head high days here and there. Summer is our off season, but this is the pits.

Sorry to whinge. There's other forms of exercise, but nothing feeds your soul like surf. My soul is getting anorexic.

I'm stoked to hear you're a Phenomenon, and from Rod Rust to boot! Wish I could see the magazine. Looks like a major piece, super cool!!!

Nic on 08 August, 2007 08:47 said...

I couldn't even begin to imagine what you are going through, we have such great surf all year round here perpetually. I hope the skies clear and Huey sends some clean offshore pearlers your way soon. If you want to see the article fully.. flick me an email and I'll sort something out for you

Nic :0)

Nic on 08 August, 2007 08:48 said...


Anonymous said...

hey nic,
im loving your site and the fact you don't label the breaks like this is super epic.
thanks heaps, keep frothing, and keep it up.

Beano said...

Those are great Nic. I really like them.

Anonymous said...

Southern Kiwi magic!


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