Wednesday, 22 August 2007

repairs or damage control

Above three pics at low tide today, right bottom is blackhead.. getting chewed out even more.. Below, article in yesterdays ODT:

Below article from the ODT July 28th.


Anonymous said...

More like damage control - political and environmental!

Ask any kid over the age of 3 what happens to the sand you build sand castles out of on an exposed surf beach when the tide comes in or theres a storm!

Take a look at the way this strategy (experiment!) has stuffed up the surf zone - what are the possible effects if this becomes a long term (or even medium term) Council strategy.

Surfers unite and lobby decision makers before it is too late!!

You only have untill early September when Council will make its recommendations!

Nic on 25 August, 2007 17:24 said...

has anyone provided information (of their experience of the surf zones changing) to the council after they called for it a month back?


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