Saturday, 17 March 2007

Wave Wahines !!

Today the second annual wave wahine surp comp was held at St Clair beach. There were so many shots today, and I have so little time tonight and also this week to spend on a long detailed blog post, as much as I wish to. So with no documenting of heats or finals etc. here are a few of my favourite shots of the day.. and what a way to greet the wahines today .. a gorgeous sunrise with shards of golden light>

You did a great job Kath and Glenn
and also a special thought to Nikki and Mac for starting all of this.
- Its all about the Stoke -

If you are interested to see if there are any pics of you, please do not hesitate to email me and I can have a search through some of the 133 pics I took today..

ps. floyd is still recovering well and eating grass and enjoying his cuddles, as mum was away all day.

1st Esme Gray McCoy
2nd Juliette Lequex
3rd Gabrielle Scott
4th Courtney Drinkwater

1st Katie Buxton
2nd Aleisha Drinkwater
3rd Caitlin de Bruyn
4th Genevieve Devereux

1st Aleisha Drinkwater
2nd Katie Buxton
3rd Megan Grant
4th Rebekah Bennett

1st Carmel Leslie
2nd Lisa C****
3rd Kimberely Kearns
4th Juliet Anderson

1st Hayley Coakes
2nd Tash Civil
3rd Sophia Plate
4th Sam Young



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