Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Isolated Bodyboard challenge

Isolated Bodyboard Challenge
a ten day window ending 31st march 2007
.. ten selected bodyboarders ..
the most isolated waves in the lower South Is..
stallions, dinner plates, Skid Marks, Windy bay, Gold Diggers etc...
check out the website and blog here
and of course Chris Gardens awe-inspiring photography.

I have created the First Prize trophy for this event, below, which has been a pleasure to paint. 22x28 inches on box canvas.


Bodyboarding on 09 November, 2008 20:08 said...

The Isolated challenge looks like the funnest contest!

Bodyboard on 10 January, 2009 10:09 said...

freaking amazing, I really need to experience New Zealand!

Bodyboards on 09 March, 2009 20:29 said...

I met some KIWI guys at the Bodyboarder Magazine site!


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