Friday, 16 March 2007

Floyd on the mend

For family and those who know me.. Floyd is my beloved pet Guinea Pig. He's three years old,and very much the most tame, loving and intelligent Guinea Pig I have ever owned (and I have owned literally thousands). A few months ago he developed a lump by his jaw, which had grown bigger, so a trip to the vets a week or so ago revelaed that if it was not removed he would only have 4-6 months to live. Well this morning he had his operation to remove it, and so far all has been sucessful. I assisted during the surgery (being a vet nurse in the past) which alowed me to be there fully including the four hour recovery cuddle at home. He's drinking and eating a little.
He is also sporting a big collar bandage for the next few days to keep his stitches clean and safe from scratching. Actually Phoam, or foam is truly a part of him now.. as for packing inside the wound are two slices of disolving medical foam .

Also tonight around 6pm.. some riders of the walls churning in at St Clair::


Jonathan on 17 March, 2007 13:16 said...

OK, wait a sec- LITERALLY thousands?

(cute picture, at any rate)

Nic on 17 March, 2007 16:07 said...

yes literally I bred purebreds, showed them.. selective breeding programmes, coat colour genetics etc.. for ten years.. but sold off all my stud stock about 10 years ago// just had a few pets since.

Jonathan on 18 March, 2007 08:29 said...



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