Monday, 5 March 2007

no more anonymous comments

Thanks whomever, that was just one too many times, your comment has been removed.
This is MY blog, I do it for my own pleasure, in my own time,
and for no one person or organisation.

It is not a forum for insecure antagonists to place derogatory comments about other people or their loved ones. Have some respect if at all possible. So now if anyone wishes to comment on my blog, you have to sign in with your google account. Apologies to those of you whom are sincere posters/readers.

click here to create a google account


beaniekath on 06 March, 2007 09:27 said...

Hi Nic

That sucks!!!!!!! You are doing an awesome job, and it is really annoying that you have to resort to this because of some plonker!
Keep up the good work.


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