Sunday, 11 March 2007

the last few days

been real busy for me this week!! It all started off on the 9th, Friday I left Dunedin for Christchurch at 6.30am.. took a few sunrise shots on the way, first is at Warrington, and second one at the bridge at Karitane. Where was I off to?

The mish was to pick up my sister Charlotte from the train station in Christchurch as the last leg of her NZ holliday from her home on the Gold Coast. We hadn't seen each other in 5 years. Also on the way picking up my daughter Amber from Ashburton who'd been living there since just before christmas. After some financially unnecessary, but definately worthy shopping in Timaru around lunch I arrived Ashburton 1pm and got a bit of a tiki tour of Amber's recent stomping ground.. including a drive in her new car. Christchurch was a stop at a few shops for a mall run.. and then an awesome dinner at a friends place in Chch (( thanks HSV))), then train station for charlotte at 7pm.. drove straight back to Dunedin and got in at around 1am.
pics below: Amber and car + a sunset around Christchurch..
next day, Saturday lots of catching up after me and jay sneaked out for a dawnie surf while sis slept in.. around lunch we hit St Clair for 15 mins, which was hard for me, usually I'd be there for hours.. so a few quick snaps of us (me, two daughters Amber and Caitlin and sister Charlotte)

(had to slip in a shot from the surfing at StClair :0)
Then the avo was a drive to Larnachs Castle, which was closed! then a cruise around the peninsula up to Portobello, then up to another lookout above Opoho(thanks to sis for the two scenery shots)



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