Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Replacement of the Stairs

Yesterday morning after just over ten months, work began on the replacement of the south set of stairs. The two sections of steps arriving on the back of the truck with crane in place. ( the top section of stairs are the original stairs which were damaged, havig been 'fixed/refurbished')

Lifting the steps into place below::

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Slim on 08 March, 2007 08:43 said...

Yeah! Stoked to find a NZ surf blog! I did three months in your fine land chasing waves. Got skunked in Dunedin though!

Thanks for the "a ditch somwhere" video. I would have "killed" to surf that wave. Bet the beachie around the corner was spitting tubes that day too!

Stop by my blog about surfing the NW corner of the states some time!

Nic on 08 March, 2007 09:09 said...

heya Slim,
Looked up your blog, its been going for a long time!
You got some sweet shots in NZ, love the sunset over SI from NI.. quite unique.. and looks like you scored a few good waves and got the Lyal Bay Blast :0)thanks for dropping in


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