Tuesday, 20 March 2007

more from the Karitane Surf Fest

been busy working so havent been out taking pics, well I did, but haven't even downloaded them.. just some of low tide at St Clair and the loss of sand again. might get them up tomorrow, working full time this week, but friday off.. then of course the long weekend!!
ok.. the following images were created for the sponsors of the surf fest, which Vicky says happens every year to help secure more sponsorship in the future.
some have been put on the blog already, and some are new.

Floyd continues to do well, and is now back with his son, fugly in the same cage.. there was a bit of a heirarchal moment where fugs thought he's like to lord over floyd, but floyd soon put him in his place, along with a skin break bite across his nose.. he is now completely subserviant to floyd and has been sulking in the corner of the cage all day.



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