Tuesday, 13 March 2007

My Sister Visits

Sunday, awesome sunny day.. first up was a surf at our local in the am with me, Jay, Caity and my sister Charlotte who lives on the Gold Coast.. Charlotte borrowed Ambers wettie and braved out 'cold' 14 degree waters had a great time, and didn't get too cold, along with catching some nice wee shoreys::

Afternoon we did an impromptu tour around the abandoned cement works in Green Island::
Monday :: earlier on the Monday we had a coffee down at the hot salt water pool by St Clair, I managed to convince sis I'd be happier standing at the end of the pool drinking my coffee from a takeaway cup and taking pics, than sitting down in the cafe with proper cups (sorry sis) so got a few snaps.. grey cloud cover, but didn't affect focus too much.. mmm carrot cake was yummy too. In the arvo we made a visit to the stately home of Olveston, which is a private home donated to the city in the 70's .. open to the public and gloriously restored to its original 1906 condition, we did the full tour inside but no pics allowed inside, but we got some shots in the gardens.

then a walk around town looking and photographing some architectural features:::

below last night, Monday, about 6.30pm, popped down to St Clair quickly to catcha few shots, light was low and the peaks were packed, but some solid clean sets coming through.
Tuesday, this morning.. into town to do the Otago Early Settlers museum.. haven't done so much sightseeing of my own city in three days EVER! but great as I'm really into the early settlement and history of our city so this was awesoem to top off the visit on the last day. In one of the galleries we found some old photographic images of maybe our distant relatives? us being 5th generation Dunedinites, perhaps.. directly or distantly.

So thats it.. lunch in town sat the yuum 'spice traders' and then off to the airport.. love you sis, thanks for the awesome visit :0) Below, a shot Charlotte took of my three children, Caitlin, Amber and Shane


Jonathan on 13 March, 2007 19:02 said...

What a cool family.
Where does your sister live?
I'm enjoying seeing different things from your skillful camera (along with all those lovely green waves)...

sheila-d on 13 March, 2007 19:35 said...

Looks like the visit was a great success. It's lovely to see you all had such a good time. I hope Charlotte's appetite has been whetted and she will come and visit again.

Nic on 13 March, 2007 19:48 said...

Hi Jonathan.. charlotte lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. Wasn't sure about putting pics of me and family up, but I don't mind sharing the ones I love. Just also added a pic taken by sis of all three of my kids together.. my son Shane is 20, and also lives in Dunedin.
Hi Sheila! (( hugs )) thanks so much for all you did for sis in Welly, we so much appreciated it, she's defnately coming back again, after being introduced to a whole new family history in this city she never knew about, having left here for OZ when she was 3 with our mother.


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