Tuesday, 3 July 2007

ODT - Sand Shift for Beaches

Front page again, again.. " Sand Shift for Beaches" Otago Daily Times 3rd july 2007

I arrived at St Clair about 3.30 today.. to get a coffee at Starfish.. saw the front page of the ODT there.. and jaw scraping ground took my latte over to listen in on the group of officials discussing the procedure for saving our city from inundation from the sea.. Emergency measures to pump sand from the harbour, store on the wharf, and truck out to middles and throw overe the sausages.. for now.. 2 thirds, to St Kilda will be closed to the public during their operation.
What exaccerbated the situation was the actions of some ****/s who attacked the sand sausages with a knife splitting nearly all of them open and spilling their protective contents onto the beach, which mostly washed away.
I took photos.. walked along to Moana rua road via the beach, and ended up making a video out of them.


Anonymous said...

c**ts indeed. I've just woken up to a feature article about the vandelism on the front page. Grim times for our city beaches

Nic on 04 July, 2007 08:56 said...

I was wondering if it made front page , couldn't sleep last night thinking about how someone could do it. Doesn't look like a random yahoo job, the slices are so straight and precise, Intentional sabotage?

Anonymous said...

Isn’t it strange how the DCC can quickly source the sand required for emergency works from dredging operations in Otago Harbour? We presented this option to the DCC and ORC in our submission opposing the use of Tomahawk Beach sand for the restorative work at St Clair and Middles Beaches and criticised the resource consent application for its gross short comings in identifying alternatives options. DTEC, do your homework!



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