Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Five Days Sand progress

A mix of progress with the emergency sand dune rescue. Where trucks have been working around the clock bringing sand in from a quarry at Blackhead, and also sand dredged up from the Otago Harbour.
below: the first few days 5th July

Below: 7th July progress.

Above: Sand being stockpiled at Forbury Park Raceway, which is conveniently justy opposite the entrance to 'Tennis Courts' track that leads to Two Thrids/Middles beach.
Below: Co-ordination of truck movements to and from this entrance.

...and the surf goes on...

The 10th July 2007 progress below

Local Major erosion is not just limited to the stretch of sand between St Clair and St Kilda, there is also threatening erosion of the sand dunes at Ocean View beach a bit further south, I hope the council is aware there needs to be attention there too soon.


t2 said...

From up the hill, on the high tide,
you can see a brown stain for a few hundred metres out to sea as the the sand gets sucked out again

Anonymous said...

Looks like the DCC maybe fighting a losing battle on this one. Let’s hope not. Regardless of the cost of these emergency works, this definitely brings to a head the need for a concerted management plan for this stretch of coast.

Who knows, maybe this could result in an artificial reef being developed off-shore so as to dissipate the wave energy.

Finny in London


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