Tuesday, 24 July 2007

In search of waves

An afternoon to spare.. a full tank of gas, and good company. Me and Hayley set off for a mission to find some waves 'off the beaten track down south' which involved a few jumped fences, boggy stinking paddocks, an injured seagull with a broken wing, an angry looking farmer's wife in her kitchen window.. a long trek down a river to an estuary .. and my carrot and cream cheese muffins :0)
So this is what we found on our journey:
Below: We had to climb up a thickly vegetated cliff to get this shot, before that we could hear the surf pounding on the beach & rocks .. sounded like 1000 backs breaking.

Above right and below: Far out to sea a reef was firing like clockwork, not sure if anyone has ever surfed it, but the right looked pretty sweet.


Jono on 25 July, 2007 21:02 said...

first and last shot - waves are insane!!! can feel a surf mish comin on this weekend

Nic on 25 July, 2007 21:18 said...

ha, yeah, we're pretty keen to get to where we intended to go... if conditions are still right. looks like you're keen too :0)

Jono on 25 July, 2007 21:44 said...

yeah def keen to head there have been for a while, just been waiting for the right conditions


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