Monday, 30 July 2007


100mm of rain over 24 hours expected in Dunedin, many streets in South Dunedin are flooded and drains overflowing.
This is a suitable introduction to an issue that has severely affected the livelihood of a fellow surf blogger, Tony at . His living is based upon tourism, and after the July 11th flood DOC (the Department of Conservation) have shut the Wairakau Stream track on which he guides. He has lost his business until the track is reopened, and we all know how long it can take the bureaucrats to actually do something.

Tony hopes that a wider public awareness of his situation may force DOC to prioritise the repair of the track. The track being out of action also affects the economy of Whangaroa, a lovely but depressed, part of Northland. The changing weather patterns have also impacted on the frequency of good surf up there. "I can’t remember the last A+ swell we had. It’s supposed to go North east gale tonight so maybe some surf early next week, if it doesn’t flood again." says Tony.
See his bushmans friend blog site here with the update on the slip.
click here for article at NZ Herald



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