Friday, 22 December 2006

Wave Wahines

Hayley & Glenn say "Merry Christmas to all Wave Wahines,
wishing you lots of waves for the New Year, The last day for wahines is Sat 23 this week and we will be starting up again on the first Sat in Feb at 9.00am. Cya down at the beach!"


Anonymous said...

Cheers to all those involved in the Wave Wahines. Its been great. And, while still a major kook, I think I have learnt heaps, as well as having met lots of cool people and having made some choice friends. So thank you heaps to Nicky and Mac, Glen, Beanie, Hayley, Tash and Kim and all the Wave Wahines for all your support, encouragement, expertise and good times. Have a great Christmas and New Year! Soph xxx.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! You wahines rock! It's been great to see so many of you sticking it out all year and your standard of surfing has really improved.
Most of all the friendships that have been forged with you all and the pure "stoke" on your faces shows us all that surfing is all about having fun!
Best wishes to all and I hope it's a safe one for you and your whanu.


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