Friday, 29 December 2006

txt: 3ft pln stc

7.30am.. wake up text.. 3ft pln stc .. thanks :0) .. so why not, jump out of bed, grab gear, into car and check out St Clair.. met with clean glassy conditions, slight offshore breeze, sunny, beautiful sparkling sea ..
took way too many pics.. so a select few today, and since we are supposed to have southerlies blowing through for the next few days.. will put some more up tomorrow, got some sweet shots of the Groms for tomorrow too .. Tom, Ben and Jae


Anonymous said...

Cool pic's nice bright and blue, cant wait to see more.

nic on 30 December, 2006 13:10 said...

thanks :0)
just working on todays lot from yesterday right now, shold be up in a few hours


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