Wednesday, 13 December 2006

was this you?

You talked to me at St Clair on the Esplanade a few days back, and mentioned that you had not seen a pic of you on my blog yet, I had a good look at your board, and said I would have a sort through my images and see if there was one there that was never put up. I think I may have found one?
pretty much for any one session I will take between 10 and 100 photos, only a few make it on to the blog.. I am saying this because I want to just to put it out there that the phoam blog isn't just for my own photographic indulgance, it belongs just as much to the surfers' whom make the content possible. So if you see me photographing and want me to get some shots of you while I'm there and you're out, just ask.
On another note localism is alive and well on the Otago Coast :0)

there was also another sign saying 'pooey water' one saying 'octapuss's in kelp' and another saying 'sweet as' (leading to a dodgy track)


sckiwi said...

Thats funny.
Love your blackhead pics.
Do you have any off taieri mouth?
I think thats how it's spelt.

Jono on 13 December, 2006 20:59 said...

yeah I almost didn't paddle out on sunday cause of those signs :p

Nic on 13 December, 2006 21:07 said...

ha ha jono ..
sckiwi .. sorry none yet of anything off taieri mouth .. neever seem to get down that far when its working.

sckiwi said...

What poo pipe are they working on?

Nic on 13 December, 2006 21:27 said...

sckiwi.. what do you mean what poo pipe.. about the sign pooey water?

sckiwi said...

Growing up in Brighton/Waldronville you got used to Phooey Water. :-)

Nic on 13 December, 2006 22:15 said...

might have something to do with my ex hubby growing up in brighton too.. oh sorry, thats nasty ... I am a nice kind hearted person... :0)

Jono on 14 December, 2006 22:14 said...

stood on a metal spike coming in today, looks like it went clean in and out, so hopefully no infections, so anyone surfing st clair, add that to your list of hazards, there are a whole lot of bits of metal sticking out of the sand, straight in front of the south stair set, attached to a massive bit of concrete so I couldn't pull it out


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