Saturday, 16 December 2006

STOP or face a $200 fine !!

the last week cop cars have been relentlessly cruising the Esplanade.. you may have noticed.. pulling up anyone looking remotely suspicious and especially monitoring the
STOP SIGN at the end of the ESPLANADE
just for now make sure that
or you may be issued with a ticket for $200

also I witnessed today a series of young drivers speeding along the Esplanade in excess of 70 ks..yeah be great if the cops were there to catch them, as thats just downright idiocy


Anonymous said...

Just take care about "completely stopping". I got done there when I thought I HAD stopped but apparently your car actually needs to be seen to rock backwards on its tyres for it to count as a complete stop!!!

Nic on 19 December, 2006 10:00 said...

thanks for that.. I have been careful to completely stop like that since you posted this comment, but last night I forgot to stop at all!! and after I got around the corner I had a wee panic.. looked back and saw a local looking in my direction with a smile on his face.. lol i obviously wasn't walking my talk.

Anonymous said...



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