Tuesday, 12 December 2006

remember the days of the old sea wall ..

I have been working towards a bit of an article about the loss of sand at St Clair since the construction of the new sea wall.. and the pending resource consent to alter further the sand dunes and what remains of the natural coastline of Dunedin.
.. but the content of each of my days lately has made it difficult to focus on getting this issue out.
I need to at least say the scenario briefly now, or it may become too late.
It involves recontouring of the sand dunes at Middles, and Tomahawk beaches .. including the storage of thousands of tonnes of sand at Tommahawk Beach for 'replenishment sand stocks' for other Dunedin sites. It is presented as a conservation project.

The actual application on the DCC website - click here
More information with detailed applications - click here
Front page ODT a few weeks back...
supporting ODT article scanned in 2 small pics above.
Submissions for and opposing close on the 29th of January 2007, having been extended from the original date of December 8th 2006.


sckiwi said...

Thanks for the info Phoam. Don't know what to say really but will be interesting to see what happens. We mess with mother nature but never seem to learn too much.

Nic on 13 December, 2006 08:25 said...

no probs.. just being informed and aware on an individual level helps.


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