Sunday, 24 December 2006

St Nick gets Pitted on Christmas Eve

Have a great christmas day everyone,
I'll be getting stuck into my double batch of trifle I just made tonight with 3/4 of a bottle of sherry in it. Hugs to my darling Amber having her first christmas away from the family.

Just added a couple of proper pics of Nick from the day


Jonathan said...

Merry Christmas Nic!
Thanks for all the photos & work you've done to share them. I check your website nearly daily, and always enjoy the experience.
I think Dunedin is the coolist city in all of NZ. Do you ever photograph urban scenes or people there? Just curious.
Anyway- Happy Festivus! Peace to you for 2007.

Nic on 25 December, 2006 10:43 said...

sweet christmas to you too Jonathan!! rapt you are still checking in :0)

Yes I do get shots of urabn stuff and people, but not much.. and as you have noticed it doesnt end up on the blog. I will endeavour to get a few shots up over the next year though, my blog statistics show that 35% of my visitors are from overseas!
thanks again for the message

regards .. Nic

Anonymous said...


Nic on 25 December, 2006 15:23 said...

removed a spam post..

millsy said...

never been called a saint before... I went back to this wave the next day (xmas) and it was even better, with only 2 others out! everyone else at blackhead no doubt. Gotta love the pipeline

Anonymous said...

Nah Millsy, it's your sic moves you pull off! Every photogs dream. The fact that you still surf like a grommett and land the moves helps! LOL


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