Tuesday, 12 February 2008

ROXY Canty champs day 1 - PART 2

second part of day one, a day late. I don't think I have stopped going since last thursday when we left for Christchurch (apart from sleeping)! .. busy catching up with work, taking on more, and also trying to process the blog pics. I haven't even had a surf since I got back :0(

So the weather all day on day 1 Saturday was real hazy and overcast, its always hard to get clear pics in those conditions, especially if the working waves are way out back, so excuse the low qual on some, but you get the idea.

The day began back at New Brighton at 7am, it didn't take too long this time to make the call to shift to Sumner again. the tide was a bit too high, so a window of an hour or two was available for a free surf. Many pics below:::

And then the comp started.

and its pretty much midnight now, and I have to fill in the word gaps tomorrow, but I'll leave you with the pics in the mean time.. or I'll never get this finished!



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