Thursday, 14 February 2008

ROXY Canty champs day 2 - Part 1

Day 2, Sunday began at New brighton again, where it didn't take too long after observation of the surf conditions to move to Sumner again. I caught a few shots of Hayley having a quick free surf in the morning, below:

The day's competition started after the tide dropped a bit more with the second longboard heat paddling out in glistening early morning light, below:

I walked around to the groin to take the mornings' photos because of the lighting, which was a good decision I thought, its exciting photographing at a new break, walking around to get different angles, playing with the light.

Above, Sophia Moore and Daisy Thomas head out for their longboard heat. Below, an issue throughout the competition weekend was the presence of free-surfers in the competition area. My thinking was that it was top surf on a weekend in summer for the ChCh surfers, and denying them space at their local would be a big ask, but respect also for the comp surfers was attainable. Unfortunately after this heat Sophia dropped out of the comp in protest of this, a bit sad as I enjoy her style. But then again everybody had to deal with the free-surfers presence.

Below, The first Junior Womens heats begin today:

Above left: free sausages for the competitor and supporters just added to the superbly run event. Below, it was hot and muggy and any bit of shade was utilised.

Below: the longboard heats and semis continue over the day.

part 2 coming tonight!!! The Final's photos and the Prizegiving



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