Friday, 1 February 2008

Garden Pics for Mum

Yes mum, I finally got around to it, here are some shots of the progress of the garden at our little house.
Below: dug up part of the front lawn and laid gravel to prepare for paving/patio.

Above left: digging up the back lawn for the native plant garden beds, right: the two gardens caity dug over and planted outside her bedroom. Below left: Caity painting the front fence after jay spent the day waterblasting the fences and bottom of the house. Below right: my little succulent garden.. before and after.

Below: Caity inside the boys' outside cage that her and Jay made over Labour weekend.

Also on Sunday I mentioned to Jay that it might be an idea to lift up the old lino in the kitchen, like we had done in the laundry last year, so when I came home from work on Monday the lino had been lifted, but unfortunatly the rimu was a mess, the 40 year old glue was pasted on thick and tight. So this morning we hired a sander and Jay drilled it for four hours and then oiled it, and it came up great. Next is to get a new kitchen in.. sometime.. when I get the right combination of numbers.


Mum said...

All looks pretty good. The floor has come up well. Love the succulent garden and the big guinea pig!


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