Saturday, 9 February 2008

ROXY Canty champs day 1 - PART 1

We are tired, been a full few days..
This is what greeted us when we first arrived at the Pier at New Brighton at 7am Saturday, the first morning of the 2008 Roxy Canterbury Womens Champs:

looks pretty but a massive east swell with strong onshores has created 10 deep white walls. Hayley and Caity check out the conditions.. Some freaky reforms below right.

The New Brighton surf club facilities are top quality, with a great atmosphere, the windows look straight out to the surf by the Pier, below the local wahines check out the surf conditions contemplating shifting the comp to Sumner.

Before the decision was Made a test 'paddle-out surf' was made by Daisy Thomas and Trish (hope I got your name right).

Below right the wahines look on as daisy gets engulfed by the munching storm swell.

Above, leaving the water after successfully riding a shorey in. It was decided after Lockie arrived after checking out Sumner that the comp would be shifted to Sumner.. below two, Set waves surge up the beach as the group looks on.

Below the Wahines pose for a group shot outside the clubrooms before leaving New Brighton.

Below, surf conditions at Sumner when we first arrived.. there was time for a free surf which I filmed...


Anonymous said...

Great comp fun waves both days we where lucky.cant wait to see the rest of the pics.

nic on 16 February, 2008 08:02 said...

there are some more up, and some more coming :0)


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