Friday, 27 October 2006

St Kilda morn ..

Ran out of milk this morning, so had to make a dash to couplands to get some stocks, and swung by St Kilda, two guys out at 7.30 overcast but a warm glow happening. just a few pics, before I had to rush breakfast liquid back to the girls.
Uploaded on my laptop so they look a bit yuk, but got my new computer back 10 mins ago from its second trip back to prosouth where they had replaced the motherboard which was faulty.. ( way better than waiting 8 weeks from Harvey Normans, they did the whole process in a day and a half.. now I ask myself why I get computers that spit their motherboards??
Well I am assured now that I will have no more probs at all. SO this afternoon I will give it a test with the storm card and my new copy of Premiere Pro and do a surf edit on the film footage I took on Monday at St Clair.



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