Friday, 13 October 2006


Its now 8 weeks ago my ACER went away to get 'fixed', which it didn't, then i eventually got my refund, and ordered my new machine, which I picked up last night, and set up till 1am, and now I have it all configured/set, and I'm ready to go! my Storm Card os installed, I have my 2GB ram, and two 250GB hard drives my fav programmes installed.. etc etc,
above pic: a series of closeups of 'Fish' for the guy at the pool to show his wife, as requested :0)


Anonymous said...

faaar out, it's so hot today, pity about the surf ;)

boardridingbuddha on 13 October, 2006 11:23 said...

surf looks great if you know where to go..
and wou can paddle over the lip.

Anonymous said...

Surf quite fun out there tonight! Kinda had to work hard to dodge people and be dodged and all a bit of a mess, but still waves were had and that's all you can ever ask for!


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