Wednesday, 4 October 2006

the other 6 .. which is now 11..

It took a bit, but I got them done, there's actually quite a bit of work involved in preparing each image for upload, file has to be converted from a raw '.orf' file to an uncompressed .tiff, and then opened again in photoshop to do a slight tweak in levels and sometimes a sharp filter.. image is then resaved then cropped to a 6x4 ratio with an adjustment to 800 pixels wide, then I apply the date, converge the layers.. and then save the image for the web which compresses the image so its small enough to upload without taking too long to load on your browser, 'saving for web' takes out about 50% of the colours and chops the resolution down from 300 DPI to 72 DPI .. most images that end up on here can actually be blown up to (when printed as a photo) to at least a 16x20 inch print and up to a 20x32 inch print..
so anyway here's the rest plus another 5 from Blackhead the 2nd of October 2006.



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