Wednesday, 25 October 2006

El Nino.. yeah

I know I haven't ventured much past my back door the last few weeks, but my locals St Clair and Blackhead have been pits of mush, maybe I shouldn't even use the word pit.. yesterday I had a lovely long post all written out with graphs of the presence of the El Nino southern oscillating weather pattern we are currently experiencing and how its affecting the surf, wind and rainfall.. and the computer froze I lost it all. SO imagine it..
so heres a few shots form the last month I never got up on the blog.

My Daughter Amber bought her first car today, part of her plan to leave home before xmas and live in Ashburton with her boyfriend, and last night my son texted me to tell me he was moving to OZ to live.. haven't heard from him since, maybe he didn't like my reply.. one of my favourite sayings from many years ago I held on to when life sucked and I wanted to run away.. "Wherever you go.. there you are" it was on a telecom postcard with a cartoon of an oldschool Ford Falcon. Now I don't need to run away, my kids are running away from me!! Floyd loves me though :0)


Anonymous said...

Well Clair was pumping Monday morning,and got some fun waves up the coast today.

Anonymous said...

LOL is this the DC fan club or is Danny the only one out there when your shooting Nic? Good to see him out in the water today though; He really got wacked on the head on Sat night by a freak gust and a 1 Ton beanch seat flying through the air!!!

Nic on 26 October, 2006 08:08 said...

he he, yep, I am a fan of pretty much every surfer out there, but Danny just knows how to throw a good show when I'm shooting .. sheer coincidence too really.. him and J must be the most photographed surfers in Dunnos :0)

Anonymous said...

Danny is a guru.. no doubtabout that


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