Saturday, 14 October 2006

St Clair Walls

Bit of a lost day today.. managed to muck around doing everything but nothing in the end till 3pm, and then took a drive to Middlemarch to check out a car same as mine for daughter.. advertised as warranted and registered, in great condition inside and out, a sweet runner etc, got there, it had no warrant, needed a list of things for it.. ding on the drivers door, messy inside, and ran like a sack of broken eggs. Aren't people nice.

Yep that someone in the barrel there above.. anyway got back at 5pm and caught some shots of massive lines moving in to St Clair about 6 out the back riding the 6-8 foot larger sets, and three on the reforms inside. Was cold, very windy and overcast. Just a few pics from that sesh..


Jono on 15 October, 2006 19:34 said...

your site's getting close to 10,000 hits nic, congrats ;)

Nic on 15 October, 2006 21:10 said...

cheers Jono!!

Only 70 to go :0) Jay has just a few more hits to get to his 500 on his blog too!

Got the new computer all set up, and ready to go, but I have kinda lost interest in the techie side, and have been spending all my time painting again.. whgich is good as i have sold 2 artwork this week, including that Fish one at the cafe already, and have two commissions to complete in the next month.

Jono on 15 October, 2006 22:19 said...

hey, after the slow patch you had earlier in the year thats awesome to hear it's all starting to work out for you, after all the hard work you put into it, you've definitely earnt it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jono, c u won the Led Zep prize on Riders Anon! Didin't u win something not that long ago???
Got 2 b in 2 win! LOL

Jono on 16 October, 2006 13:55 said...

haha, yeah I won an offspring cd a while ago, but told him to give it to someone else, not really my thing, but was happy to take the led zep cd's off his hands ;)


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