Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Some pics from Nikon D50 today

A couple more shots taken around lunchtime but with the Nikon D50 I am giving a test drive for the next two weeks. New feature is the text under the photos, just a little easier to see whats what in the Blog.


wayfarer on 09 March, 2006 13:48 said...

hell thats a good pic where the wave on right..is that a point, or some very good timing on a beach break?

Nic on 09 March, 2006 17:08 said...

Yeah it is a point, Its Seconds beach just around the corner from St Clair, right under the cliff in the old quarry. Theres some other pics of it down a little further, not often its good, but it was pumping the other day.


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