Saturday, 4 March 2006

southern front and new computer

What a mission!! Got my new computer on Thursday as the big southerly front began to blow. Man it blew, some massive gusts of wind, lots of rain, and COLD!!! winter is here, and Autumn has just begun.
Last three days have been setting up new computer, installing hardware, software and keying in passwords for websites. I am over it entirely!! But I love it too along with my new icemat mousepad with teflon feet makes doing photoshop detailed work an absolute dream.

No surfin at all for me, but some guys got out there.
Blowing a gale today... solid foam and broken waves forming and reforming extending from shore back out 300metres.. rough as .
I went out a few times to take some pics, my olympus has been playing up a bit with blown out shots and difficulty focussing. Luckily I had on hand a new Nikon D50 which has beenn loaned to me for a 'tryout'. It seemed to go well.. makes a massive CLUNK * click* when it takes a pic. I have loaded a few pics from over the weekend.



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